Simple ideas to decorate your table for a special occasion

We all want to make our home look stunning and attractive. Furniture is the best thing in which we can add some charge by putting some decorative material. One of the most important furniture in every home is a table, which needs to be clean and decorated properly because the guests have their food on it and the table should be hygienic.

Amazing ideas for decorative arrangements on the tabletop

A dirty and messed up table never give a good impression about your home, so it is very important to decorate it with small stuffs in order to make it beautiful. Today, we are going to share some table decor ideas for your home. Just steal these ideas for creating an attractive table that guests will love.

  • Bring nature on your table.

Put some nature inspired elements on the table like flower pot, artificial veggies, plant container, hanging birds, etc. Give some nature charm to your table by using floral glass teacups.

  • Give an outdoor charm to the table.

To perk up your dining table, one can have an outdoor brunch that is a great way to beautify your dining table. Use hand painted accessories like Cherub statues, metal birds, iron reindeer, planter, etc.

  • Make your table look vintage.

Show your passion for vintage theme and add some rustic and iron décor pieces on the table to keep things clean and make the table to stunning. You can buy sets of iron reindeer and iron ethnic dolls from Wonderland Garden and give a vintage look to the table.

  • Give spring inspired setting to the dining table.

Use Cherubs table tops in the center of the table and use a floral cup and plate sets. Put some pastel colored flower pot and add some colorful flowers to create a spring look and feel in the indoor environment.

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How to decorate your home with Indoor Planters

Create a mini-garden at home with these colorful decorative Indoor planters and Outdoor planters ! From a herb garden to colorful bonsai, grow your choice of plants and watch your indoor-garden bloom.

Some important tips for decorate your home with Indoor planters :

  • Create a cosy reading corner where you can shut off from the world. A few colorful floor cushions, a side table and a cute vase of fresh flowers is all it needs to make the reading corner your favourite corner.
  • Bring your study to life with the colors of spring! Whether you’re working or studying, the Coral Pitcher Vase with the season’s freshest flowers will make sure you don’t have a dull moment.
  • P.S. Keep yourself motivated by scribbling in words of encouragement on the cute chalkboard on the vase!
  • Turn your bedroom into your happy place with the smell of fresh flowers and a whole lot of color! The Bloom in a Bottle Green Planter is the perfect edition to add to your bedroom. Falling asleep to the smell of your favorite flowers at the end of a long day is definitely a good way to reward yourself!
  • So whether you’re living in a crammed room or have a sprawling apartment to yourself, create a mini garden at home with these simple tips. These cute vases tucked away in the nooks of your home will add a touch of warmth and corner.

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Buying home decor accessories online is the best option these days.

Approx the a lot of things are available to shop online and that is why, people in India want to purchase the everything online. People can discover almost everything they need online at an inexpensive price cost. Online Shopping is simple, safe in addition to handy for everybody. So if you are planning to provide a brand new look to the interior and exterior of your home, then the best concept is to shop for home decor accessories online.

Online shopping for home décor items is beneficial

Shopping on different websites comes with a number of benefits and these benefits are listed below: –

  • Easy and convenient

The main benefit of purchasing home decor accessories online is comfort. You have plenty of options to buy while sitting in your home. You can pick objects of different designs, shades and quality. Placing the order is very simple and smooth and the excellent part is you’ll get the product brought at your door step in a quick time frame.

  • Free shipment services

If you have ever brought a decorative object from markets, then you definitely have to be conscious that bringing the ones sensitive gadgets in the home could be very anxious. You want to hold those items accurately even at the same time as you’re travelling from marketplace to domestic.

Sometimes you broke these ornamental items while travelling, but now you should not fear about carrying products safely as you have got online buying alternatives where providers offer delivery of their merchandise at your door step in such quick time span.

  • Special discounts

If you are looking forward to save money while shopping for the beautiful items, then online shopping is the best. You can avail special discounts on merchandise and you may pay on delivery. So there is no tension of losing your money as you can pay the whole amount at the time of delivery. And the delivery item will be delivered at your door step without causing any harm to your item.

Best Website to buy decorative items

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How to deck your yard with a bird house and bird feeder?

We all want to make our home stand out from everyone else in our neighborhood. There are countless ideas to decorate your yard and one of them is bird house. You can deck your yard and balcony with bird houses and give it an attractive look. Bird houses will make your yard look beautiful and give home to birds.

Bird feeder  Bird houses.png

Bird house is the new way to deck your yard

Bird house gives new life into your garden and keep it alive by offering different opportunities to connect with nature. It is a wonderful way to help birds and you can find new flying feathered friends who will entertain you. It is a new to decorate your balcony and garden and make it attractive as well as beautiful.

Invite birds in your home and give it a new life by offering birds a sanctuary to keep their species alive. Give them a safe place and nothing can be a better reason to add a birdhouse in your balcony and garden.

Tips on decorating balcony with the birdhouse


  • Give some light to your bird house


Use some LED lights to decorate your bird house. Light will make it more attractive and your garden will look amazing with these small lights.  It will look like the stars, which have fallen in your gardens to give it sparkling look.


  • Keep the bird house clean


Birds can become tangled in litter – resulting in injury. Birds can eat these small pieces thinking they are food. So keep the bird house clean and let the birds and chicks enjoy in these bird boxes and feeders. Always keep food and water in the bird house.


  • Choose the right size


Bird houses are 5” wide and 8-12” high, with an entrance hole. So choose a right size bird house with the same dimensions. It will help the bird to go in and out easily. A correct sized bird house will definitely look beautiful in your balcony and garden.

How to buy a bird feeder and bird house?

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Fixing my metal watering can with a bit of TLC

When you live in the sun-tropics, you need to keep on top of the metal watering can at certain times of the year. Its not always practical to pull out the hose and so for some plants on the balcony or under the pergola, I like to use a watering can.
metal watering can  & watering can.png
Like most of us, I have fallen for the $5 plastic ones from giant hardware stores but have found that after a season, or maybe two on the  outside – it simply falls apart or some one drops it from a great height (don’t ask) or the dog thinks its a toy and I have to buy another and another and another. One day, not so many moons ago I found an old metal watering can at a garage sale that I managed to buy for a whole $2!

Its fantastic! It doesn’t disintegrate in the sun, it takes dropping from a great height and even if the dog was still alive to use it as a toy, he wouldn’t be able to do much damage to a metal watering can!

Then last week – my watering can developed a leak!! Its was a small but annoying hole and my can would water my foot as well as the plants. Now I love my $2 investments and love it even more when I can fix them and keep using them so I wasn’t about to give up that easily!

Here’s what I did…

One of our neighbours has a husband who has a welder thing-a-mo and today I heard him zzzz-ing things together and stuck my head over the fence. I asked him if he could zap my wee watering can and plug the leak for me and he reckoned the can was too soft/small/wrong for that sort of thing – and why didn’t I just put a smear of silicon on the hole…

Well why didn’t I think of that?? He took my wee can away and soldered it up anyway – mainly because he could and sent me home to put some vege oil on the inside.

He said that it was a bit rusty and if I put the oil on it and left it in there it would help stop the rust get worse. He reckons that olive oil isn’t going to hurt my plants when I water them but other rust killing things would.

So, with a bit of help from the neighbour – my metal watering can is back on duty, in its spot under the tap and waiting for me to get about my watering duties without getting a wet foot!

How garden décor will prove beneficial for you

Hello readers, last time when we interacted, we discussed how to enhance the beauty of your garden and found that it is very interesting task to make your garden beautiful. Many of us think that they don’t have time for maintaining their garden and give it a beautiful decor.If you also think so, than wonderland garden is the ultimate place for you. They have tremendous garden decor item, which can take your beauty to another level. They are one of the best suppliers of lawn decorations  & Garden tiller items.


We people always try to find the relevance and benefits of everything that we are going to do. It is a human nature, but we are all set to provide you the amazing benefits of decorating your garden that will compel you to go for the option of garden decor.

Let’s have a look to the benefits of garden decor:

  • Give you a reason to burst out your stress

All of us have bunch of problems or challenges in life; we all try to find an escape from all of these things but unfortunately could not find an experience that can take up away from all the issues of day to day life.

Trust me; this magic is possible by your beautiful garden décor. It can create such surrounding in your garden that make you feel relaxed and mesmerize with its elegant look.

  • Refresh your soul with the soothing experience

We can never feel good until we are not internally satisfied. Garden décor is such a majestic experience for you that will delight your senses and make you feel out of the world with the overall ambiance you created in your garden.

  • Break the monotony

Those boring planters that you are using from many years can never set an impressive look in your garden, just break this monotony and get something highly attractive, which can give a colorful and bright look to your garden.

  • Give direction to your imagination

We all have a hidden creativity inside us; we just need to find that out. If you are planning to give a new look to your garden with creative garden decor, it will definitely take out that invisible artist or designer in you and you will find it such a joyous thing to change your imagination into reality.

  • Your very own little wildlife

Don’t worry I am not saying you to invite real lion, tiger or cheetah to your garden to give it a look of wildlife. Amazingly crafted miniatures for garden decor are enough to set the look of little wildlife. Bird feeders and bird houses will give you proper feel of little sanctuary with chirping voice of birds.

Best garden decor item seller

After reading all the points mentioned above, you must be thinking of changing the old boring look of your garden and give it an attractive and refreshing look with the astonishing garden decor. If you are getting eager to know which company is providing such item that can give a beautiful look to your garden? Wonderland garden is the right place for you.

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Tips for the maintenance of your garden plants.

A certain level of maintenance is required to keep your garden beautiful and clean. Valentine’s Day is coming and you may like to give some love to the plants and flowers in your garden. One of the most important things you require in your garden is watering cans to fulfill the water need of plants.


Roses are the most popular choice of flowers in your garden only because of their fragrance and beauty. To keep their beauty long lasting one need to follow some tips for the maintenance of flowers and plants.

Tips for keeping plants healthy

Due to lack of time, people don’t pay attention towards their garden enough. You need to know how and when you should take care of your garden. With some essential planning and planting tips, you can pay attention towards your garden.

  1. Clean the weeds from your garden and you will see a beautifully kept pleasant garden and a peaceful place in which you can relax.
  2. Your plants need water, you need to provide consistent water to the plants to see the best results. Different plants have different watering needs, so do not over water your plants.
  3. Metal watering cans are the right choice to water your plants because it provides the water well around the base.
  4. Always use lukewarm water for the plants because cold water can shock the roots of plants.
  5. It is very important to edge your garden beds, create a break between the grass and the garden area and add some gentle curves.
  6. In summers when heat strikes, give shade to your plant. Keep in mind that light is the most basic need of the plant.  Plant process food through photosynthesis, so it is very important to check out with professional to check which type light your plant need.
  7. Use good garden equipment to keep your garden maintained and attractive.

Where to buy garden equipment?

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