Common gardening mistakes you should avoid making

Nothing can be better than spending time in a place surrounded by beautiful trees and plants. People like gardening to beautify their surroundings. They use colorful flower buckets to make their garden beautiful and attractive. Even if you have really good soil and sunlight, there are still a lot of beginners gardening mistakes that people must avoid to keep the garden green and healthy.
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Beginners gardening mistakes to avoid
In spite of reading a lot of gardening tips through gardening classes, books and the internet, mistakes are invariably made. To avoid such mistakes we have brought some samples that may have made and regretted.

  • Planting trees and plants in the wrong spot.

It’s a pleasure as well as satisfying to work in the garden, but some people don’t even know how to plant a tree. They choose the wrong spot with lack of sunlight, which make the trees to struggle during all seasons. Plants set fewer fruits and develop less tasty fruits.

  • Over watering of plants.

Over watering is like killing plants with too much love. Frequent watering is necessary until seeding gets established, but once they develop good roots, you don’t need to do frequent watering. Water them regularly, but not frequently because roots of some plants hate sitting in water.

  • Crowding plants too close together.

This is one of the most known mistakes that a person can do. If you will plant too many varieties, you are probably squeezing seeds in your garden space. So you must harvest the plants away from each other instead of planting them closely. Too much variety in a small space will ruin the garden plants.

  • Not sowing seeds at the right depth.

Plants are grown using seeds and the task of seeding is a tough one because it always makes new gardeners worry. The expert rule of seeding says that it should sow equal to three times the seed diameter. You should always use the right tools while sowing seeds.
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Simple ideas to decorate your table for a special occasion

We all want to make our home look stunning and attractive. Furniture is the best thing in which we can add some charge by putting some decorative material. One of the most important furniture in every home is a table, which needs to be clean and decorated properly because the guests have their food on it and the table should be hygienic.

Amazing ideas for decorative arrangements on the tabletop

A dirty and messed up table never give a good impression about your home, so it is very important to decorate it with small stuffs in order to make it beautiful. Today, we are going to share some table decor ideas for your home. Just steal these ideas for creating an attractive table that guests will love.

  • Bring nature on your table.

Put some nature inspired elements on the table like flower pot, artificial veggies, plant container, hanging birds, etc. Give some nature charm to your table by using floral glass teacups.

  • Give an outdoor charm to the table.

To perk up your dining table, one can have an outdoor brunch that is a great way to beautify your dining table. Use hand painted accessories like Cherub statues, metal birds, iron reindeer, planter, etc.

  • Make your table look vintage.

Show your passion for vintage theme and add some rustic and iron décor pieces on the table to keep things clean and make the table to stunning. You can buy sets of iron reindeer and iron ethnic dolls from Wonderland Garden and give a vintage look to the table.

  • Give spring inspired setting to the dining table.

Use Cherubs table tops in the center of the table and use a floral cup and plate sets. Put some pastel colored flower pot and add some colorful flowers to create a spring look and feel in the indoor environment.

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Your guide to buy Garden tiller for your garden

We all want to see your garden beautiful and nothing is as satisfying as a garden perfectly tilled without any weed. If you have ever worked in your garden then you must be aware, how tough is to break up hard soil into loose broken up dirt.


To solve this problem of tilling which is very hard, we have motor power tillers that can make quick work of turning hard soil into loose soil and prepare annual vegetable garden beds. Garden Tiller is a necessary tool for planting vegetable and flowers. The different types of tillers available in the market are front tine, mid-tine and rear tine garden tillers.

Why consider a tiller for your garden?

A tiller offers several advantages over cultivating your garden in a better way. If you want a trouble free tilling then you must consider garden tillers. It eliminates the heavy work and the danger of using heavy hand tools.

It provides easier access of water to reach plant roots. The tool basically saves a lot of time and energy. You can finish tilling in minutes after using garden tillers. If you have a hard soil, then you don’t need to put a lot of effort into breaking of the soil and make it loose.

  • Gardening is less energy consuming easy task with Garden Tiller

Tilling with garden tiller is a less energy consuming easy task. Spending money on tillers is surely worth the investment because it will give you a healthier life by taking care of garden without consuming your extra time and money.

How you can buy garden equipment?

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How to decorate your home with Indoor Planters

Create a mini-garden at home with these colorful decorative Indoor planters and Outdoor planters ! From a herb garden to colorful bonsai, grow your choice of plants and watch your indoor-garden bloom.

Some important tips for decorate your home with Indoor planters :

  • Create a cosy reading corner where you can shut off from the world. A few colorful floor cushions, a side table and a cute vase of fresh flowers is all it needs to make the reading corner your favourite corner.
  • Bring your study to life with the colors of spring! Whether you’re working or studying, the Coral Pitcher Vase with the season’s freshest flowers will make sure you don’t have a dull moment.
  • P.S. Keep yourself motivated by scribbling in words of encouragement on the cute chalkboard on the vase!
  • Turn your bedroom into your happy place with the smell of fresh flowers and a whole lot of color! The Bloom in a Bottle Green Planter is the perfect edition to add to your bedroom. Falling asleep to the smell of your favorite flowers at the end of a long day is definitely a good way to reward yourself!
  • So whether you’re living in a crammed room or have a sprawling apartment to yourself, create a mini garden at home with these simple tips. These cute vases tucked away in the nooks of your home will add a touch of warmth and corner.

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Benefits of inviting birds to your garden

Birds play a significant role in our environment and preserve it healthy as well as lovely. They’re the pest controller of our surroundings and preserve it smooth by eating bugs, which help farmers, develop our vegetables. They keep our surroundings, smooth and keep harmful diseases away, which are transmitted to people at bay.


Invite birds with an aim of feeding them…

Birds are tremendous at planting trees and doing away with weeds from our lawn. There may be something that assists you to ask these feathered Friends. Bird Feeder is the awesome way to assist birds during hotter months. It’s far a cool component to enhance your lawn beauty with colorful birds of various species. There are lots and lots of benefits to having bird feeders and attracting wild birds to your garden.

Benefits of feeding birds…

  • Birds will do away with insects from the lawn.

Bugs host a massive population. They keep the lawn dirty and it seems impossible to get rid of them. However, wild birds play a particularly shielding sole in maintaining the creepy crawling insects far from your lawn. Bird feeder will assist you to preserve the Bird population up and the insect population down.

  • They work as a weed controller.

Birds also play a role in disposing of weeds and can assist to maintain your landscape healthy. Weeds are unwanted in the lawn, so small birds like sparrows and finches eat unwanted seeds, which maintain your lawn beautiful. So, this time you can purchase a mixed seed Bird feeder to begin attracting wild birds inside the lawn and balcony.

  • They will beautify your environment

Birds assist spread pollen, minimize weeds, devour insects and maintain our environment clean. They’re the beautiful gift of nature and in case you are certainly one of them who like photography, then you can click your photos outside your window whilst you feed the bird. You may additionally get your pictures clicked in your personal created beautiful surroundings.

  • They entertain you and release stress.

Inviting wild birds for your lawn is the exceptional way to connect to nature. It is the perfect way for entertainment and stress level reduction. Stress can purpose a number of diseases in your body, so it’s far very important to hold your mind at ease and relieve stress. Bring bird feeder to your property and enjoy watching birds.

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Some Maintenance tips for indoor and outdoor plants with garden tools

Dear Readers !!! In this blog I have discuss Some Maintenance tips for indoor and outdoor plants with Garden tools :

  • Choose plants carefully– be careful while choosing the plants for your garden, it should not be damaged, yellow, split or destroyed. Check the roots as well.
  • Water plants regularly– watering plants should be done on regular basis to save plants from dying and it should be in authentic proportion neither too much nor too little.


  • Keep plants dust and pest free– don’t allow the pests to destroy your plants, use insecticides whenever needed. To remove the upper layer of dust, wash it gently with the Luke warm water.
  • Remove unwanted plants- weeds should be removed as soon as possible, they not only lessen the beauty but eat up all the nutrients your plants need.
  • Time to time add fertilizers– make your plants more healthy by adding fertilizers time to time, it will provide soil all the essential nutrients. Choose the manure according to your garden requirements.
  • Bring variation– keep changing the flowers and plants time to time to bring the variation and refreshment to your Garden.

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Buying home decor accessories online is the best option these days.

Approx the a lot of things are available to shop online and that is why, people in India want to purchase the everything online. People can discover almost everything they need online at an inexpensive price cost. Online Shopping is simple, safe in addition to handy for everybody. So if you are planning to provide a brand new look to the interior and exterior of your home, then the best concept is to shop for home decor accessories online.

Online shopping for home décor items is beneficial

Shopping on different websites comes with a number of benefits and these benefits are listed below: –

  • Easy and convenient

The main benefit of purchasing home decor accessories online is comfort. You have plenty of options to buy while sitting in your home. You can pick objects of different designs, shades and quality. Placing the order is very simple and smooth and the excellent part is you’ll get the product brought at your door step in a quick time frame.

  • Free shipment services

If you have ever brought a decorative object from markets, then you definitely have to be conscious that bringing the ones sensitive gadgets in the home could be very anxious. You want to hold those items accurately even at the same time as you’re travelling from marketplace to domestic.

Sometimes you broke these ornamental items while travelling, but now you should not fear about carrying products safely as you have got online buying alternatives where providers offer delivery of their merchandise at your door step in such quick time span.

  • Special discounts

If you are looking forward to save money while shopping for the beautiful items, then online shopping is the best. You can avail special discounts on merchandise and you may pay on delivery. So there is no tension of losing your money as you can pay the whole amount at the time of delivery. And the delivery item will be delivered at your door step without causing any harm to your item.

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