How to deck your yard with a bird house and bird feeder?

We all want to make our home stand out from everyone else in our neighborhood. There are countless ideas to decorate your yard and one of them is bird house. You can deck your yard and balcony with bird houses and give it an attractive look. Bird houses will make your yard look beautiful and give home to birds.

Bird feeder  Bird houses.png

Bird house is the new way to deck your yard

Bird house gives new life into your garden and keep it alive by offering different opportunities to connect with nature. It is a wonderful way to help birds and you can find new flying feathered friends who will entertain you. It is a new to decorate your balcony and garden and make it attractive as well as beautiful.

Invite birds in your home and give it a new life by offering birds a sanctuary to keep their species alive. Give them a safe place and nothing can be a better reason to add a birdhouse in your balcony and garden.

Tips on decorating balcony with the birdhouse


  • Give some light to your bird house


Use some LED lights to decorate your bird house. Light will make it more attractive and your garden will look amazing with these small lights.  It will look like the stars, which have fallen in your gardens to give it sparkling look.


  • Keep the bird house clean


Birds can become tangled in litter – resulting in injury. Birds can eat these small pieces thinking they are food. So keep the bird house clean and let the birds and chicks enjoy in these bird boxes and feeders. Always keep food and water in the bird house.


  • Choose the right size


Bird houses are 5” wide and 8-12” high, with an entrance hole. So choose a right size bird house with the same dimensions. It will help the bird to go in and out easily. A correct sized bird house will definitely look beautiful in your balcony and garden.

How to buy a bird feeder and bird house?

If you want to make your garden and balcony look beautiful, then you can buy bird feeder and bird house from the official website of Wonderland Garden. They are a leading seller of garden and home decor in India and their products are durable and attractive. You can choose products from the wide range of home decor and garden equipment. Now you can invite feathered guests in your balcony with Wonderland bird feeders.


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